August beginnings

Good Morning all ,

I know I have been MIA for a little bit, but I had personal life situations that truly were  making it hard for me. My car just decided it wanted to stop moving on a main street while my daughter was driving and so we are in the process of getting that fixed and of course my health as been up and down. But for the most part I am here to give you my August goals update.

I have made a few changes to my planner lineup after finishing up One book July and of course I know you are like “This line-up changes weekly“, well it will be in a constant state of change until I find a system that works for me. I have been loving my journal,so it was the perfect addition to my system, but decided to order the B6 365 Stalogy from Amazon instead of getting another Nanami, and a B6 travelers notebook for 2019. It just seemed easier to find the size and the notebooks were readily available and contained more pages. So the journaling will continue, it is probably my favorite part of the system now. I have been using my A5 filofax because in my honest opinion I could not deal with the layout of the passion planner. It was very structured and just blah, I tried to doll it up, but, nothing against the planner system it was just not for me.

I managed to win a Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner from ShayBudgets . I don’t know at this point how it is going to fit into my system. – But – I really think they are nice and I am looking forward to that delivery. I was surprised because I never really enter nor win anything. She uses her monthly as a budget planner. (Clicked For ShayBudgets Youtube) I don’t really need it as a budget planner, because I have a finance system in my A5, so now we need to think of some way to use it, any ideas? 

So right now, my line-up going into 2019 consists of :

  1. A5 Filofax – Contains Monthly/Weekly/Health/Home/ Finance
  2. Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly  –
  3. B6 Travelers Notebook – Monthly/Daily/Journal (EDC)

If you have any ideas as to how I can use this Erin Condren Deluxe monthly, let me a comment below, I would love to hear from you.




Weight Watchers Time

Good Afternoon Loves,

Well, I can say I finally did it. I registered for Weight Watchers , my user name is LotusSpirit7 come follow me on my journey or join in, I need all the accountability partners I can get. I signed up for the 6 month plan and I am determined to make this work. I signed up this morning, with my mom, she is going to tag along for the journey. I was allotted 23 daily points to start and she was allotted 28, I cringe at the fairness. -smile- In reality she is 20 years older than me so I have to take that into consideration. (I am still a little salty over that).

I went to the store this week and bought all the fresh fruits and vegetables that I would need to get started and now it is time to make the meal plan list and attempt my first meal prep for next week. I decided that I would make weekly trips to the store to get all my fresh fruit and veggies and for my proteins I would purchase them in my monthly grocery shopping trip. That way it will guarantee freshness and allow for me to be able to make trips to Grandma’s Farm and the local farmers market for truly organic produce. I have also attached my fitbit to the weight watchers ap in hopes to help me monitor my sleep, exercise and water intake all in one place. I am determined to make some progress this time. You can not keep yo-yo dieting and expect positive long-term results, you have to actually decide to make a total lifestyle change. I figured I would use this 6 months and the weight watchers program to help me make healthy food choices and to establish better eating habits. I am also adding in the miracle morning challenge, where I will get up earlier do some yoga, meditation and journal writing to get my day started in a positive fashion. I will also document these on my blog  or you can follow along on my   Instagram – Lotus.spiritcrafts

My goals have changed from when I first decided to take on a weight loss journey. (See Reclaiming My Body) I know I need to lose an over-all set amount of weight, but I am actually going to set my first goal at 25 pounds. Once I have accomplished that challenge I will set additional small goals as follows until I  achieve 175 pounds. Lets take baby steps to the finish line together; slow and steady wins the race. Are you guys ready to start a fitness journey if so comment below and let me know if you have started or where you are in terms of achieving your goals. I look forward to chatting and following along side you in your wellness quest and I will see you in the next post.



Only I Can Change My Life, No One Can Do It For Me



Word of the day Wednesday


a : marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity : free from variation or contradiction 

  • consistent style in painting


Hello Loves,


I am back for word of the day Wednesday, Consistent; this word means a lot to me currently. I have a lot of items on my plate that I need to remain consistent in – to see some kind of results. Consistency is doing something repeatedly forming a habit or pattern. You know they say it takes about around 66 days for something to become habitual. So consistency will not only help you form positive habits but, it can also help you break bad habits and addictions.

For one, this blog, I have been managing to give you guys steady content lately, but this is only just the beginning. I want to become more consistent with my post and become more transparent with my day to day. Now let’s chat about a few of the things going on in my world today starting off with:

One Book July  20180715_2209266967004578194291615.jpg

It actually has been going pretty well for me. Just to recap the book I am currently using is the Nonami Cafe Note Journal it has been allowing me to  express myself creatively in numerous ways. I have been water coloring, collaging, and lettering till no end and it is very satisfying to create  daily pages and just spill out all the information in your head at the time. I know now that journaling will be a part of my planner system that I definitely will keep. I have been consistent in doing a daily journal whether it is just a recap of my day, a memory I want to capture or just a positive quote to keep me going. Daily journaling is an awesome form of stress relief as well. But, let’s not leave out the Tomoe river paper it is made out of,  it is awesome and with it being so thin and  lightweight it is a easy carry and tosses right into my purse. So with all that being said. My One book July has been eye opening and is really going quite well. I missed having my planner for the first few days, then as I began to write, it allowed me the time to research and review other planner options and to begin to compile a list of things that I find necessary in my 2019 planner set-up. List will be coming in another blog post.

Healthy Habits   weightwatchers

I am set to start weight watchers in about a week. You will see a lot of this journey in my blog, as I want to put in weekly check-ins and monthly goal pictures. I want to lose around 75 pounds and develop better self care and eating habits. I have gotten on a lot of yo-yo diets and did a lot of fade shakes and pills in my time. But, nothing compares to eating well balanced diet and just moving your body. We already know that I am a gardener so a lot of the food especially in the fall season will come from my own garden. So it is going to be hard to remain consistent despite the fact that I have two grown daughters living with me who seem to be able to eat anything and still look stylish. ” We all know that losing weight in your twenties is a whole lot different then losing weight in your forties.” I am hoping that this weight change will bring about some change in my health and allow me to decrease the amount of medication that I take daily and  give me more energy to be able to at least get out and enjoy my life a little more. I would be lying if I said I did not want to actually see myself in a two piece bikini on the beach somewhere “lol”. But, that is just a perk.

With this all being said consistency is key when you are trying to obtain result in anything that you do. It is not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, it is what we do consistently.









The Fork in the Road

Good Evening Loves,

I have been trying to steer my way through and decide on which path I was going to go with my blog. Although I love the planning community, my heart is with permaculture practices, gardening and sustainability. I wanted to show my community that it was acceptable to grow your own pesticide free organic foods. That it could be done where ever you had a small space, soil and water, even in the desert.

I saw the planning community as a way to get organized and a social outlet, but my calling was not to pretty paper and pens. Although I will always promote what I am using at the time and how it helps in my quest to maintain organization. I will place a little more focus on what’s going on in my garden at the moment. I want to show you that the food you consume and how they are produced really does matter. As a Spoonie chick with many allergies and health issues, I have to be even more aware of the things I place in my body. Not only the type of food, but how the food was grown, the sprays used to keep them fresh and the chemicals used to preserve them.

With JahtarUrbanGarden, I have been in the process of trying to build a small food forest in my desert backyard. I want to have a home garden that is completely sustainable and practically takes care of itself. Who said that you can not garden in the desert, I have and will continue to build my garden and bring you through every hurdle one step at a time. This was the beginning of this journey in January of 2016.

I have so many things going on all at once over here at JahTar from weight loss challenges, planning challenges and gearing up for fall gardening projects. It will be a funfield couple of months. I just wanted to clarify some of the items that you will see because for the most part this will be a open door into my spoonie life at JahTar but, a way for me to bring permaculture and gardening for life to the forefront.

With this being the garden currently July of 2018


So with all this being said, do you want me to focus on permaculture or do you mind me just giving you a little bit of everything going on at Jahtar?

My One Book July

Are you currently participating in One Book July?

I was not going to participate this year, but when I sat down and thought about it I saw myself getting completely wrapped up in the planner community and my planning style needed a reboot. My passion planner did not start until August and I was in the process of ramping up a daily journal, I thought “Why not?”.  So for the month of  July I will be solely using my B6 Slim Art journal and learning to develop some positive daily writing habits.

The purpose of the challenge is to use one book for planning, journaling or whatever your planning style is for the entire month of July. You are suppose to revamp or simplify your planning system. I am using it as a reset. I found myself jumping from one planner style to another, tossing money out the window and still remaining unorganized in the process. On a quest to achieve the unattainable “Planner Peace”. I started planning to be able to record and track my medical history. I was having huge memory issues so I needed a place to organize my thoughts, appointments and household functions. It went from being a functional space to a stickered filled memory book. Although, I have no problems with pretty planning I want to get back to the functional part of planning and stop getting swept away into all the pretty inserts and washi. I had to have a place to put my thoughts and my creative side, but also I needed to  maintain functionality.


So for me I had to look at something that I could customize and completely make my own. I ran across the website Nanami Paper and found the B6 Slim Cafe Note. It was perfect, it is a sewn notebook made of tomoe river paper, that could be used as a stand alone journal. This must have been fated because I had recently ordered a B6 slim travelers notebook from Amazon and this journal would fit in it perfectly. I was messing around with the option for 2019 to move into a hobonichi Cousin A5.  I needed a book that could handle all my tracking and planning needs in one place and offer space for me to daily journal. I kept hearing about this famous tomoe river paper in the hobonichi and wanted to try it out. But, I will discuss the hobonichi Cousin fully in a different post for another time.

The tomoe river paper is awesome, it is thin, lightweight and can take fountain pen or watercolor like no tomorrow. So now with this Cafe Note I have a trial run of tomoe river paper that can help me make the final decision for my planning system for 2019. (cafe note dimensions are 110x176mm (about 4 x 7 inches) and 384 pages – fits in a b6 slim) But for now it is perfect for my art journal.



Wednesdays “Word Of The Day”


1the theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically desirable; also a preoccupation with and an inclination toward the buying of consumer goods

  • … the contemporary marketplace is shaped solely by the craven needs of lowbrowconsumerism …
  •  —Thomas Byrne Edsall
2the promotion of the consumer’s interests
  • : the belief that it is good for people to spend a lot of money on goods and services

  • : the actions of people who spend a lot of money on goods and services

I will start putting a new Wednesday word of the day up each week. I am going to use the word as a journaling prompt. With the books that I have been reading lately and just my view looking out, it seemed fitting. Once you start to minimize your spending and you start to place constraints on your budget. You begin to learn more about what is a need vs what is a want. Generally people seem to get those two confused.

“It is a mistake,” he said, “to suppose that the public wants the environment protected or their lives saved and that they will be grateful to any idealist who will fight for such ends. What the public wants is their own individual comfort.” 
― Isaac AsimovThe Gods Themselves






Saturday Mornings

With the temperatures measuring around 112° I have to get out early in the morning to get everything watered and fed. This morning was no different. It was peaceful out there. Now to move that ugly white stand that’s out there blocking my view.

But at least there is some good growth growing behind it.