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I am finally ramping up my Gold Canyon business and I would love the support from all of my followers and subscribers. I plan to use these funds to support the garden and to allow me to bring you more consistent content.

Our Signature Autumn scents are back. Enjoy the smell of warm pumpkin pie. The aroma of fresh brewed coffee in a cute coffee mug. Try a scent from our latest bake life sweet line and fill your home with the aroma of the holidays.

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2019 Daily Crafts Series

Good Morning loves,

I have decided to incorporate more of an daily journal practice to my blog. I found a book that I really love. It is called: A Year and a Day of Everyday Witchcraft 366 Ways to Witchify Your LifeI purchased it off Amazon. This is not a sponsored blog, I just felt that this book was a must read.

I will be using this book as my inspiration for my daily bullet journal/grimoire. I normally try to find prompts or do a dear diary in my journal, but I think now is the time for me to incorporate a little more spirituality into my daily routine. I am looking to make 2019 my year of more holistic and spiritual studies. So I decided to go on a journey through the wheel of the year, work with some of my herbs, gemstones and reconnect more with my craft. For the next 365 days I will be trying  to find out more of what makes me who I am and what my journey in this life is supposed to be?

I will be posting from time to time my daily journal entries as I embark on my personal path. You guys are more than welcome to follow along with me or participate and go on a journey of your own. I know that a year is a long time for journaling series, but you do not have to do all days, jump in and out- do what applies to you. The book is dated so you can start anytime you get the book. You can look at where we are in the series or you can follow along privately. I just feel it is the perfect book to connect and steer you on your own personal path in witchcraft.

The Witches Moon Box

I have been constantly  watching  “The Witches Moon” instagram because they have some awesome boxes available for monthly subscriptions. I always seem to find good subscription boxes, but they are just not affordable for me at the moment.  When I saw “The Witches Root” Box ; I knew that one was for me, affordable and in my area of expertise.  It is focused more on the herbal aspect of witchcraft, which really appealed to my spidey senses …giggle.. I am so focused on herbs and holistic healing and wanted to include more potions, creams and herbal salves into my practice. As a novice gardener I want to know how to grow and process more herbs in my spiritual practice. So I will be bringing you the contents of this box monthly as I receive it. The box opened for ordering on December 1st 2018 and was $29.00 including shipping for US. They also ship international and to Canada for those prices you will need to check out their website:  TheWitches Moon  for more information. I am just on a mission to bring in more content that relates to me so stay tuned for January when I introduce my first ” The Witches Root Box”



Oh Hello Updates

Good Morning loves

If you have been following me on my instagram you know that I am now a PR girl for the OH, Hello Stationery Shop, it is a little exciting. They have so many good products, I bought my cactus travelers notebook from there and I have a travelers notebook case to go with it. They have everything from sticker kits, monthly box subscriptions to personalized Travelers notebooks. Could not have picked a better shop.

I think honestly by starting to be myself and be my own person, things are starting to look up. I guess it pays to be consistent. With all that being said I have not been as consistent on here, but that is going to be changing. I will be trying to deliver you weekly content. Just let me know what you want to see. I am thinking of adding video to my page as well. So it is up to you guys to tell me what type of content you want me to bring.

OhelloClick Here to shop  Don’t forget to use code Veronique10 for 10% off.

Supporting Small Business


We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

“You don’t build a business, you build people, then people build the business.”


Romaine Lettuce Recall *info alert

Good Evening loves,

I have recently been alerted that we were not supposed to be eating romaine lettuce because it is now not safe to consume. The center for Disease Control and Prevention stated in a broad alert that there was a new outbreak of illness caused by a particularly dangerous type of E. coli contamination. The CDC told all consumers to throw away any romaine lettuce that may already have been purchased. That all Romaine should be avoided.

I think this is one of the perks of growing your own garden, you as a consumer know what you are placing in your body. Especially if you are doing it all organic.  Just thought I would post this as a word for the wise, if you are not growing your own food now, please start.

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Keeping up with the Jones


I have to really get serious about my spending habits and about the issues that are running rampant (in my opinion) in the planner community. The concept that you must have everything you see. That you need a vast assortment of “pretty stickers”, dangling charms and multiple planners for planning “1” life is completely distorted. Although it may work for some people for me it is just a way to toss away money that I can never get back. Yes, it is pretty – I will not argue with that, but is it a necessity? I am in a time in my life where I have to weigh my wants vs. my needs. Planning has went completely left from my idea of functional planning. Some may agree with me and some may not, everyone is entitled to an opinion. Planning is more than just a pretty decorated page.

In 2019 I am trying to get back to the reason I started planning in the first place. As a place to track my health issues, detect medical trends and weight management. I have huge memory issues in connection with epilepsy so functional planning for me is necessary. I can honestly say I got swept up in the need to have it all and fell completely down the rabbit hole. I spent lots of money to buy the next best thing coming out in the community, but failed to realize that something new is always around the corner – it is a never-ending cycle.

So as I prepare for my next planner year. I will make sure that I use what I have in my stash, stop with the need to have it all. I still love stickers, and will buy them from time to time, but in moderation. I need to be content with my planning system and stop looking at everyone else’s as a better option. Make my system work for me! I have been in a push to move more into the art journal & creative writing arena anyway, that seems to be the niche where I want to plant my roots. So as I move forward you will see a lot more creative journals with a huge dash of gardening in my social media. I am getting back to the original reason I started planning in the first place. As of now my Instagram is loaded with different shops selling items and different planner pr girls/guys pushing products. So I know in the year to come a little bit of streamlining will have to happen to my social media. But for now I am completely exhausted with trying to “Keep up with the Jones”.